Commons Network

There are 7,000 commons in England, covering nearly 400,000 hectares.
80% of common land is nationally or internationally designated for environmental reasons. Virtually all provide a right of access on foot.

There are over 200 registered commons in Herefordshire, many are small and fragmented, but together they make up an important network of culturally significant sites which are havens for wildlife and places of recreation for local communities. Many of these are at risk of being lost due to scrub encroachment, or devalued through overgrazing. By sharing information, lessons learnt, and best practice commons owners and managers can work together to ensure Herefordshire’s common land is protected for generations to come.

Commons Network

Foundation for Common Land

The Foundation for Common Land produced this Toolkit in 2010. It provides practical guidance for people who manage commons, hold rights of common or who work with commoners in England. There are 20 Fact Sheets and Guidance Notes.

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